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What People Say

Akshay Suvarna

"I was initially very sceptical to begin with, but once I have the initial implants and returned for my teeth to be made and fitted I was pleased with the way I was treated and the outcome."

Manoj Gangar

"I had a lovely experience with great people who explain everything; every step of the way. Everyone should come here, it’s so different to a normal dentist."

Shivi Prabhakar

"This is the best experience of dental treatment I have ever had. The clinic is comfortable with the staff always smiling and friendly,I would now like to use you as my regular dentist."

Jasmine Gangar

"To Dr. Urvi,I was so unhappy before my treatment, now I grin confidently. I had 8 crowns and 2 bridges fitted. They look so natural; it’s as if I have always had nice teeth. Dr Urvi was careful, gentle and friendly."

Vrushali Bhilare

"Dear Dr. Urvi, I just had to drop a note to say, “you are the best”. When it comes to dentistry I’ve got to be the worst patient on the planet.The patience and empathy shown by the whole staff is outstanding."

About Dr. Urvi Shah

Dr. Urvi, the founder of Dentcure, completed her BDS from Dr. D.Y. Patil School of Dentistry, Navi Mumbai in 2008. She specializes in full mouth reconstructions and rehabilitations, painless single sitting root canal and successful implant dentistry. Her keen eye for esthetics helps her to excel in smile makeovers.

Our Specialities

  • We create the best of smiles
  • Delivers the finest in cosmetic, implant, conventional and preventive dentistry
  • The painless dental work
  • Full mouth reconstructions and rehabilitations
  • Painless single sitting root canal
  • Successful implant dentistry

Dental Implants in Mumbai

Dental implant in Mumbai can be budget-friendly. Mumbai has emerged itself as leading health care over a very short period. Also, the quality of dental treatment is very good. One can have all types of dental implants in Mumbai.

What is Dental Implant?

In simple words, a dental implant refers to the replacement of missing teeth. A dental implant  is a titanium screw or cylinder, ranging from 8 and 16 mm in length. This screw is inserted into the jaw and replacing root for the missing tooth. Also abutment, another attachment is fitted to the top of the dental implant.
These implants are much more satisfying like our real teeth. They give us confidence and help to chew well. These implants will surely keep up for 10 -15 years easily or even lifetime.

Time Duration

It depends on the type of dental implant and several other factors. But a good dental implant clinic usually takes about six to nine months to complete the whole procedure for implantation.

Cost of implant

A single dental implant in Mumbai would cost approximately INR 20,000 to INR 50,000 depending on the type and clinic of dental implant used. A bridge would cost around INR 9,000 to INR 30,000 depending on the material used for the implant.

Cost of implant

  • It replaces missing tooth roots.
  • It will help to chew food more easily.
  • It also helps in better speaking abilities.
  • It preserves remaining bones and significantly reduces bone resorption.
  • It prevents future bone loss.
  • A denture helps in giving people back their natural smile.

What is Dental Implant?

Endosteal Implant: The implant is placed in the bone with surgical methods. Implants are generally made from titanium. Artificial teeth are not directly connected to endosteal implants. So, once the dental implant is inserted into the jawbone, a post is connected to the implant. The artificial tooth is properly placed over that post.

Transosteal Implant: The implant is inserted through the inferior border of the mandible into the edentulous area. These implants have to be customized according to the width and height of the jawbone. So, these are generally high in cost.

Subperiosteal Implant: In this type of implant, a metal frame is placed under the periosteum. This type of implant may be used in patients who do not have enough healthy natural jawbone to rebuild it.

Parts of a dental implant

Below are mentioned main components of a dental implant.

  • Crown: It is the part that replicates the original teeth. It is generally made of porcelain.
  • Abutment: Abutment resembles the prepared tooth and is inserted into the implant using an abutment screw. It is made up of titanium.
  • Fixture: It is also called an implant body. It is the part that is placed during the initial stages of treatment. Materials used in fixtures include titanium and titanium oxide.
  • Screw: It helps in fixing the implant along with the soft tissues of the mouth and provides support for holding the implant.

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Best Dental Implant Treatment in Mumbai
Best Dental Implant
Best Dental Implant Treatment
Best Dental Implant Treatment in Mumbai

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